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Invisalign braces are a new and effective orthodontic treatment regimen used to straighten teeth like conventional braces but without the wires and brackets. These braces consist of a series of clear plastic aligners that position teeth in a shorter amount of time. They may not be right for every patient, depending on the extent of orthodontic work that needs to be performed. But for those patients with minor corrections that need to be made, Invisalign clear braces may be the perfect choice.

The greatest reason for choosing Invisalign is to avoid the metal wires and bonded brackets found in traditional braces. Also, because the clear plastic aligners can be removed, patients can brush and floss just as they have always done. Removing the aligners when eating enables patients to continue to eat meals without restrictions or concern for food getting stuck or caught in brackets.

How Invisalign Clear Braces Works

After taking an impression of your teeth, and with the assistance of computer-generated imaging, Dr. Nunez creates a group of clear plastic aligners or retainers. Each aligner is created to slowly adjust your teeth, just like with traditional braces. Gentle pressure applied to the specified areas brings each tooth into alignment. The number of aligners needed and the length of time to undergo the treatment vary from person to person. The average duration is 6-12 months for the complete treatment, with a new aligner being implemented every couple weeks. Some cases may require a longer time, but in almost every case the time required is less than with conventional braces.

Costs of Invisalign Braces

The exact cost of Invisalign clear braces can vary, but costs may slightly exceed treatment with traditional braces. Length of treatment and the extent of alignment adjustment are also factors in determining costs. Your dental insurance may or may not cover treatment with Invisalign clear braces. Talk with your insurance company and us about costs before beginning treatment. Together, we can determine the benefits of traditional vs. Invisalign treatment regimens.

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